Some Recommendation Of Fish For Smoking

Many people really to smoke their meat or their vegetables rather than using some fishes, I do not really know if they do not know about it or they just do not want it. People in America are actually not too familiar with this case. It is so much different when you go to the Asia where there are so many people are smoking their fish to make it tastier and could be saved longer. They have done this thing for such a long time and it is really not that bad since I already test it on my own. There are so many good things that you could do with fish. Many people prefer to fry it for this case. I actually do not prefer to fry it since i do not really like oily food. For me it is better when the food is smoked. I just really love the taste and it is smell and guest what. You could do this thing to fish. Yeah, smoking of your food is one of the best ways to preserve of its greatness. There are so many types of fish that you make with it, but of course not all of them are great to be smoked. I have prepare some good fish that might interest you to see. I have tested all of them on my Char-Broil Offsite Smoker and it taste really good.


This is probably becoming the most popular one among of the people and always becoming their top recommendation for this case because of its great taste. Salmon is really great to be smoked on several conditions. You could go with cold and even hot smoke if you want. Just decide which one is good and you are ready to go. Both of them are great, but for this case many people seem to enjoy more when they are doing cold smoking. I do not why this is happening, but maybe it is just because their personal taste.

Tips from on smoking salmon, salmon is always best when you smoke it not on the whole condition. You probably know that the size of salmon is very big and is not wise to smoke the whole of it. It is better for you to smoke it when you already cut in half. It is going to make the process easier and faster.


Another one which is also popular, there are so many types of them which is good to be smoked. You could just pick any of Greenback Cutthroat or even the Snake River for this case. You could just smoke it whole only if you have the smaller one, but you cannot do it with the bigger one. I simply could find this fish on my local store and it is very easy to be found. I also think that you could find it easily on your local store. Just try this fish and you would be surprised because of its taste.


I love to use this fish because of its small size. You do not need to cut it into half and you just have to smoke it the whole. Smoking some of this fishes are not too recommended and it is really better if you smoke it on the large of numbers. Mackerel is very delicious when you smoke it on the low temperature. People often smoke this one to make the pate, but you could do some experiment to make it even better than it was. Just make sure to pick large numbers of them because you are not going to be satisfied with only two or three of them.


Hearing of this fish name always remembers me to the captain Haddock from Tintin series. The fish is actually one of the best alternatives in term of smoking. Here, just add some salts and then smoke it. Then, you could see that it would form any exterior that show the fish is a high quality one. Depending of your taste, you are able to choose to slice it into some pieces or just go with the whole. Both of them are taste great no matter what you do.


Smoking fish is really not that bad like many people said. Asian people already proofed that smoke fish could be very delightful as long as we know how to preserve it. If you are new for this case, then you really have to try it. You do not need to go with the fish from this list, but just choose any fish that you can find on your local store and try to smoke it. You are able to see if smoking fish is good or not for you, but I trust that you are going to love it. I hope you are enjoying reading this article and see you again.